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Monday, March 14, 2011

maybe this non-funded sort of work is the future! ;~)

more info and video about the serious artist group Voina and their dick on a bridge next to FSB headquarters here...

You gotta laugh Wx

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  1. 'Un' expected follow-up on this story...11.04.11
    MOSCOW — Radical art group Voina won a major art prize founded by the Russian culture ministry for painting a giant penis on a bridge in the northwestern city of Saint Petersburg, organisers said Friday.

    Voina won the prize for best work of visual art at the annual Innovation awards, a spokesman for the state-funded National Centre for Contemporary Arts in Moscow confirmed to AFP.

    The prize, which has previously been won by acclaimed artists including Andrei Monastyrsky and the Blue Noses group, was founded with the approval of the culture ministry, the centre says on its website.

    link to full story