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Friday, March 4, 2011

More Gatherings...

One of the most frequent responses when talking to people about the idea of The Commonty has been ‘It would be great if we could organise some more gatherings when people could meet to talk/listen/discuss’
Dumfries painter Dougie Muego has been one of those voices – he and his wife Morag have been recently attending a course led by Michael Bowdidge at Edinburgh Sculpture Studios on Contemporary Art and Philosophy – this is an email that Dougie sent in to post on The Commonty:

What about some pointers on acceptable formats. What do people want? I’d really like to hear about that.
We could have one of those meetings where we discussed what we wanted to discuss! (Frames of reference)
Some people will want to talk about what work they do and why they do it. Some people will want to talk about how they get their work to market (further afield, perhaps?)
Bookable venues can be a problem, and quite formal. I quite like informal, I’m not looking for anything too structured at present.

Here are a couple of suggestion for starters, for small groups and offered as ice breakers at our house. We can accommodate about 15 people at a squeeze in our living room.
                  People could bring a memory stick, use our computer and projector to show a few slides of their work and describe their aims.
                  Those so interested could talk about how and where they would like their work to be seen, perhaps with the longer term goal of acting collectively to show their work in a different location.

If you are interested in developing something with Dougie or have another idea for a gathering – please post a comment below or send an email to

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