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Saturday, March 5, 2011

"Myndin the Fuird" New artwork in Dumfries.

COMMONTY EXCLUSIVE - this brand new artwork has not been published anywhere yet

‘Myndin the Fuird’ by Will Levi Marshall
The medieval thoroughfare of Friars Vennel was the route travellers used to reach the ford to cross the Nith into the lands of Galloway. ‘Myndin the Fuird’ incorporates the specially commissioned poem ‘Sons O Selgovae!’ by Rab Wilson, which was inspired this tradition.
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Artwork Commissioned by Dumfries and Galloway Council in partnership with DGArts.  

Sons o Selgovae!
The faur kent Nith sweeps regally throu the Saunds,
History cairved alang its windin course,
Raxin seeventy miles oot frae its source,
A laund o broch an crannog, hillfort, duns;
Whaur, lang syne, bronze age boats aince berthed tae tred,
Tin frae Cornwall, copper frae Great Orme,
An ower yer ‘muddy ford’ the fowk wid thrang,
Tae barter skins, or huntin dowgs they’d bred.
Whyle aiblins frae his heich fort in the wuids,
Thae fremmit masts some chieftain micht hae spied,
O Roman galleys beatin oan the tide,
An suin the drumlie watters ran wi bluid.
Sons o Selgovae! Whaes fawm aince lowed –
Afore ye tint yer torcs o burnisht gowd.
Rab Wilson 2009


  1. Looks good Will! - I'll get a look in person on Tuesday

  2. Love it Will! Don't let the heathens grind you down.
    Nat, Edinburgh

  3. I love it. Very rivery. Since you posted, dgArts got a piece about this, & Matt's Castle Sq, Stranraer onto PAR+RS and now I'm trying to rewrite it for the local press so we don't all get a kicking!

    Gorgeous photos too.