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Thursday, March 10, 2011

murmurs from the Midsteeple

The white smoke is not quite rising from the midsteeple lum yet, but some details are beginning to emerge about the long awaited 'review' of the organisation (actually something of a crisis forced on DGArts by Creative Scotland's decision to withdraw revenue funding leaving the organisation with £190,000 less in their annual budget!)
It seems that the core staff will be reduced to 3 - a Director, a full time admin/front of house person and a part-time finance officer. The 'project officers' (eg literature and public art) are funded from external sources these will definitely continue for the duration of current contracts and it is to be greatly hoped that the funding for these posts will renewed.
There were some very talented and committed people at DGArts - lets hope they all find new and productive roads really soon.

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