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Friday, September 16, 2011

Dubh - Dialogues in Black

From their website STUDIO Practice

"The color black has long held a fascination in art, craft and design. The exhibition dubh – dialogues in black looks at black as both a physical and an emotional starting point for a group of Irish and American artist's, craftspeople and designers. Pairing people from across a range of disciplines ranging from architecture, ceramics, furniture, glass, jewellery, metal, painting, photography, textiles and wood this exhibition features work from the most interesting creative voices from Ireland in dialogue with their American peers. Under the creative direction of curator Brian Kennedy this exhibition will offer an insight into the studio practice of these artists and their common concerns, a simple starting point with a complex outcome."

"STUDIO practice aims to give a voice to Irish designers and studio makers dedicated to challenging their concepts, creativity and skill to create truly new and innovative work. It is committed to building relationships and facilitating dialogue between Irish designers/makers and their key contemporaries and influencers as well as with other art forms. It will create opportunities to present this important work internationally and within Ireland and strives to position Irish design; in a broader cultural context at home and at the forefront of the international design community."

I know it's in New York at the moment but coming into Dublin in Feb 2012.... thought this group was a great example of an artists collective.

"STUDIO practice is a non-profit agency established in Ireland to facilitate dialogue and build relationships between Irish Designers, Studio Makers and their international contemporaries, key national/international influencers and differing art forms. In creating these linkages STUDIO practice aims to create an environment for designers and studio makers where they are challenged to explore new processes and techniques, alternative approaches and collaborations and present the resulting work through a series of high profile events."

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