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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Is controversy enough of a justification?

Artist Alex Hartley on the Artic rock he will transport to the UK
A very thought-provoking opinion piece in today's Guardian about one of the big Olympic art projects..just what is the 'ends justifying the means' equation when we are talking about art?

'Spending £500,000 – and considerable energy – on Nowhereisland to drag six tonnes of Arctic rock to the UK for the Olympics is wrong...

Video and info about the project - here
It's not that often that you will find me squaring up in support behind the likes of the Daily Mail, the TaxPayers' Alliance and the more reactionary elements of the Conservative party. But on this particular issue, they have called it correct.
Just what was the Arts Council thinking when it agreed back in 2009 to hand over £500,000 to the artist Alex Hartley in order for him and 18 volunteers to create Nowhereisland?
The creative idea itself is actually rather captivating: find an Arctic island that has recently been exposed by melting ice and then break off some rocks to form a new "island nation" which can then be transported to the waters off the UK in time for the 2012 Olympics.'

read the full article - here

The Scottish Olympic Art project is called 'Forest Pitch' (website - here) - colleagues in the Borders tell that this project is causing similar controversy over their way...possibly - because people are listening to comment about these projects rather than finding out about the projects themselves..?

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