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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Screenprinting Techniques

from Colin Blanchard

Video of Colin's current screenprinting process (made last week) - here
I am interested to hear from other screen printers in the Commonty. Especially because the days of me using the technique shown here; using a water based stencil material and nasty solvent based inks, has soon to come to an end. I am only continuing with it because I have old but costly supplies of these inks to use up before I transfer to water based inks.
Not only will this be more environmentally friendly and less stinky, but it will allow me to run some classes if folk are interested. But I wondered if any screen printer out there had discovered the equivalent, 'hand paintable' filler for  water based inks; rather than having to make a new photo stencil for each colour. 

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