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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Step Up

Very fresh news from The Stove project in Dumfries - we have today received confirmation from The D&G Chamber of Commerce that they support the Stove project and are prepared  to grant a lease on the former Happit store in Dumfries to The Stove project

This represents a very serious vote of confidence in the approach of the Stove, particularly as a venture built on collaboration across the artforms and partnership with other individuals and organisations for the common good.

Sincere thanks to everyone on the Board of the Chamber of Commerce.

There is now an urgent and serious job of work to be done in constituting The Stove in the most efficient form for the future, in adding detail to our action plan and in fundraising for the programme of work that we want to make. 

This is very real now people....please help this to become the best project that it possibly can be.

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  1. Great news and a mandate to deliver quality arts events in this exciting and well-placed space. Well done to those who lobbied for this to happen. The Stove will offer us a presence in the main town of the region - this has to be a good thing. Get on it!!!