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Monday, October 10, 2011

Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival

Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival is happening the weekend after
next - from Friday 21st to Sun 23rd October, in Hawick, Scottish
Borders. As Creative Director for the festival, I wanted to invite you
personally (well, almost personally...), to what I hope will be a
stimulating, challenging and enjoyably long weekend of stunning film
and moving image work. This year, we've themed it around 'landscape
and the four elements'.

Our much expanded programme includes a full two days of
feature-length screenings in two venues - the main auditorium at Tower
Mill in Hawick, plus the amazing 42 seat cinema of the Hawick Film and
Video Group. We're also taking over several empty shops for artists
installations around the town, and running our own 'Improbable Cinema'
space throughout the three day festival.

Check the website for full programme details:

I would appreciate it very much if you would circulate information
about the festival within your own networks - we need all the support
we can get as we rely heavily upon word of mouth.

A few highlights include:

-'Burning Ice', introduced by producer David Buckland, from Cape
-'The Druids', a special preview introduced by filmmaker Louise
-'Rivers and Tides', a documentary about the work of Andy
-'Why Has Bodhi-Dharma Left For The East', a meditative South Korean
-'Mirror' by Andrei Tarkovsky, a classic of Russion cinema,
introduced by author Sean Martin.
-'A Night to Remember', a classic 1958 film about the Titanic

-'That Untravell'd World', will be introduced by Scottish artist
Julie Brook, presented as part of a double bill with 'Sound Aspects of
Material Elements', introduced by artist John Grzinich.
-'Anarcadia', introduced by artist filmmaker Ruth Maclennan.
-'Slow Action' by Ben Rivers.
- 'Elementals: Serious Light' - a special programme of mainly 16mm
film chosen for us by American filmmaker and film activist Pip
Chodorov, including works by Stan Brakage, Barbara Kultinis, Mary Beth
Reed, Patrick Bokanowski and Jacques Perconte.

We are screening over 40 short films, in several 'Elementals'
programmes and in different places. Filmmakers include Steven Ball
(UK), The Icelandic Love Corporation (Iceland), The Olivers (UK),
Henry Coombes (UK), Ashley Nieuwenhuizen (UK), Claudia Borgna (UK),
James Cunningham (Aus), Tanya Shilina-Conte (USA), Wolfgang Lehrner
(Austria), Mihai Grecu (France), Lin Li (UK), Anne Patsch (UK),
Samantha Rebello (UK), Pat Law (UK), Debra Fear (UK), Robyn Hall (UK),
Patricia Townsend (UK), Brigid McCaffrey (USA), Victoria Claire Bernie
(UK), Katri Walker (UK), Colin Andrews (UK), Su Grierson (UK), plus

There are artist moving image and sound installation works throughout
the town of Hawick, including:

- 'The Glass Essay' by Joanna Kane.
- 'Auditory Scenes' (sound art) by James Wyness and others.
- 'Beneath and Beyond: Seismic Sounds' by Stephen Hurrel.
- 'Deathbed' by Sigurdur Gudjónsson.
- Alice Betts.
- 'Like Fish in Sand' by Rocio Jungenfeld.
- Emma Osbourn.
- 'Highland River' by Norman Shaw.
- 'The Horsebox' by Pat Law and others.

And, not to forget, I have a new piece of work, 'Diagram: Utopia', a
small installation in the Horsebox. I shall also be doing an
experimental collaborative sound and moving image performance event
with James Wyness on the Saturday night.

Do let me know personally if you can come ... and please tell your

All the best,

Richard Ashrowan
Artist and Creative Director of Alchemy Film and Moving Festival

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