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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Kandinsky in Govan

A three day conference event in Govan concerning the role of 'The Spiritual in Art' - ths promises to be an inspirational experience that focuses on grassroots cultural practice and the way this can contribute to a sense of place in the widest understanding of that phrase.

The event is organised through the 'Folk University of Govan' which comprises a number of key local groups such as GalGael Trust, Fable Vision and Govan Old Parish Church. Alastair McIntosh was one of the people behind the community buyout of Eigg and the campaign against the 'Superquarry' on Harris - he is based in Govan and is working on the Folk University project.

D+G's own Wendy Stewart will be performing at this event

More info and ticket bookings - here

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