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Monday, October 24, 2011

con-TEXT and a new round

Success for two D&G artists in securing two of the 3 residencies offered (original advert and info here) in the first round of the excellent con-TEXT project. the project offers development time to textile artists to work with the amazing facilities at the Design Dept of Heriot-Watt Uni.

Congratulations to Lisa Gallacher:

The con-TEXT project is now offering a further 2 residencies and a third round which is specifically for an overseas artist:
For detailed information including the Residencies brief visit the CABN website here

You can also find information on the 3 successful Residents from Round 1 applications, who are now in situ at Heriot Watt.  They are:  Lisa Gallacher, Mirjam Van Beek and Naomi Lethbridge.  Lisa, Mirjam and Naomi all had very individual and interesting approaches to the Residency Brief and we are very exciting about the creative development of their work and products during the Residency period.

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