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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fankle Reminder

from Sally Hinchcliffe

Reminding all writers, poets and otherwise, that the deadline for
submissions to the next issue of the Fankle is the 31st October. The
theme is Sex 'n' drugs 'n' bacon rolls - although as ever we're
looking as much for offbeat interpretations around the theme as
slavish adherence to it. For details of how to submit your work,
please see our website

The current issue is out now in most libraries and in selected shops
and coffee shops around the county. Just 50p for an entertaining, and
occasionally quite dark, little read, crammed into an incredibly small
Vintage circus images courtesy of the Sex, Drugs and Bacon Rolls Blog


  1. Comments and ideas are great. Was it a kind of mistake that a photo of Gadaffi's golden pistol was incuded in your comment piece??

  2. Image changed.
    This post is about the excellent Fankle - our policy at the Commonty is to make the blog as visually interesting as possible. To this end we add images to posts that are submitted purely as text. The last thing we want to do is detract from the content of the posts - hence the change of image. Anyone wishing to see the original image can do so by following the link in the caption under the photo above.