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Saturday, October 22, 2011


As the debates continue about 'What the Arts are FOR' and how they should be paid for/commissioned in a democracy (see Regional Arts Scene posts) - one of the themes that comes up is that of 'benefit for the common weal (or communities)'. 

We in the Arts are often pretty good at raising questions and issues and then 'forgetting' to follow through and take advantage of our good work. Suddenly the term 'wellbeing' seems to be cropping up everywhere - it seems to mean 'actively making better lives' (as opposed to dealing with the consequences of people not being happy)....or 'prevention rather than cure'. This seems our kind of territory and maybe it would benefit the Wellbeing of the Arts to make sure that we are included as part the toolkit that needs to be paid for in order to carry out a programme of Wellbeing for society.

Notice of this conference appeared in The Commonty inbox today:

more info about the conference here
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  1. Bobby Baker's new performance piece (Cultural Olympics) is on wellbeing