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Monday, February 27, 2012

Another big and bonny D+G idea

Many of us will remember the CREATE team at D&G Cooncil with real fondness and respect....well the good news is that they are back in a new guise. In keeping with the time,s the Creative Learning Network (D+G) is not just about 'the arts' as a category in education...but rather they have a bigger vision of creativity as something that is fundamental to education as a whole.

The 'Find Your Feet' partnership with Scottish Ballet is a CLN project
Creative Learning Network (D+G) presents an amazing opportunity for members of the creative community (and parents and life-long-learners) to get involved (professionally or voluntarily) in projects and partnerships with schools and other organisations that are working with learning as part of their practice (D+G Rangers, Wetland Trust, RSPB, Langholm Initiative, Biosphere, National Scenic Area, Museums and Forest Schools....were all represented at a meeting today).

There is now a Blog a Twitter account and a Facebook Page. This is a hugely ambitious project (and one that is already making curtains twitch around the rest of the country) - CLND+G are taking the sensible approach of trying to function through their online presence as much as possible (there are only three staff and D+G is a big place)

On the blog you will find news of ongoing projects and new opportunities - today CLND+G announced two new projects -for which they are requesting proposals etc:

Dumfries and Galloway 'Literacy Weekend' - 8th + 9th September 2012....this is literacy in the widest sense (eg could be extended to 'reading landscape' etc) - ideas are being sought for new projects that could be undertaken for the festival or for existing projects that could be presented as part of the larger event.

Global Citizens - another initiative on the theme of literacy...proposals are being sought for workshop ideas.

All the contact details for CLND+G (Vanessa Morris, Lesley Sloan and Sarah Cowan) are on their blog.....check this one out

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