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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Creative Hustings Dumfries Wednesday 25th April 7-9pm

Just a reminder that the Brigend Theatre has been booked, the invites to all parties have been sent and we have four confirmed panelists:

John Charteris - Conservative
Rev Andrew Crosbie -Independent
Colin Smyth - Labour
Stephen Thompson - SNP

Come along on Wednesday night. Doors open at 6.30pm and our host Sally Hinchcliffe will get the ball rolling at 7pm.

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Change of panelist+++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Paula Stevenson the Labour candidate for North West Dumfries will replace Councillor Colin Smyth at the Hustings tonight.



  1. Jenny Wilson and I would have like to have been at the Cultural Hustings this Wednesday, but we are booked to see Close The Coalhouse Door at Newecastle Playhouse.

    If we had been there we would have asked John Chareris the following questions.

    1) Why did the Tory led Council pull out of the partnership that had been set up to restore the Theatre Royal, and by doing so loose approximately £5,000,000 in external grant funding.?
    2) The Council then set aside £400,000 for the development of theatre which was understood to be for the Theatre Royal. When the Guild of Playeers asked for this money the Tory Council said NO.
    3)Why did John Charteris as a member of the Board of DGAA not exercise his "Duty of Care" as a Board Member and act early enough to change the programming, and Director, and thus save DGAA from closure?

    In my very long experience across Britain of dealing with Local Authorities I have only ever once met a Tory Council that paid anything more than lip service to the arts.

    Again it was a Tory led Council which chopped the funding to Gaaelforce, a successful venture by the Council to provide a region wide Arts programme in August to Oct which attracted many visitors to the Region. When Labour became the Administration one of the first things they did was to restore GaelForce.

    I hope these questions can be asked on Wednesday.

    Very sorry not to be there.

    Best wishes.


  2. Dear Ruari, thank you, we shall endeavour to ask these questions.

    Can we ask those who are unable to attend on the evening, but have the burning desire to ask a question, then please either comment here or send an email to with your question and we shall try to have them answered on the night.

  3. I am a Scottish Labour candidate here in Dee ward, which stretches from Creetown in the west to Auchencairn in the east, and includes Kirkcudbright. My colleague Colin Smyth is attending the Hustings on behalf of Scottish Labour but I would just like to add my voice of support to artistic and cultural ventures in Dumfries & Galloway. I feel incredibly privileged to have been brought up in Kirkcudbright with its rich cultural and artistic heritage and see a real need for much stronger recognition of the creative and artistic sector locally. I do think that the present incumbent Councillors have let the arts down, particularly with the demise of DGAA. If I'm elected into Dee ward I want to work with the Stewartry Hub and local artists and makers to ensure that the Council is supporting a diverse and exciting local arts scene. I have my local Hustings meeting at the same time as yours, and I wish your event well.
    Marsali Caig