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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Matt Baker's Wee GI Jaunt

Matt Baker (working with American artist ts Beall) is certainly creating a bit of a stir in the bi-annual 'contemporary-art-eyebrow-raising' that is GI (Glasgow International Festival of Contemporary Art)

Their project 'Nothing About Us Without Us Is For Us' has been variously described in the national media as 'GI's most literally combative show' , 'quirky, yet strangely grounded' and 'gloriously gallus'.

see the artists on Newsnight's GI feature - here
The project itself is two weeks of preparation within the community of Govan which culminates in a one day free public event of 28th April - the website is already an amazing assemblage of research and

The event features a multitude of experiments in communication across the River Clyde....including a specially built full-size Trebuchet Catapult aka the 'Govan Charm Offensive'

If any D+G folk are going up for this event - please do send us a review to

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