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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Visitors Book £250 commission

The Moffat Gallery invites artists to submit ideas via email only please to to design and make a visitors book for £250. Applications  should be in the form of a short description of the idea with a sketch attached.  Additional info about the applicant would be welcome eg artist's website address. Deadline for initial submissions: midnight on Thurs May 24 2012. 
Background info: The Moffat Gallery is a new contemporary artspace, formerly a builder's yard and early 18th cottage near the town centre. The gallery building and pend lead through into a  gravel display space and garden  featuring an engraved Caithness granite circular pavement by gallery founder Elizabeth Roberts. The Moffat pavement, appropriately for a town whose emblem is a ram, is engraved with the first lines of a sonnet by the 16th century French poet Joachim du Bellay refering to Ulysses and the Golden Fleece* and forms the centrepiece of a garden being made by  Dawa Sherpa and Janet Wheatcroft of Craigieburn Garden, Moffat. The inaugural exhibition to be opened by Richard Demarco 12-2pm on Fri May 25 2012 is Paths  - suite of 12 black and white photographs by Jennifer Gough-Cooper of Ian Hamilton Finlay's garden at Little Sparta.

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