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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Yes, but is it art?

Well, that is GI in Glasgow over for another 2 heavily on the 'Glasgow Miracle' (ie lots of Weegie wins in the Turner Prize) GI prides itself on pushing boundaries and making Daily Mail readers choke on their weetybangs.
This year the popular media focussed on three contenders in the 'But is it art?' game: Jeremy Deller's 'bouncy castle Stonehenge', Karla Black's 'giant Tiramisu' and The Commonty's own Matt Baker (working with ts Beall) bombarding Partick with obsolete technology in 'GI's most literally combative show' (Herald).

Jeremy Deller Sacrilege
Read about this work here and the plaigarism 'controversy' here

Karla Black Empty Now
More here

Members of the GalGael Trust firing the Trebuchet Catapult they built as part of Matt Baker and ts Beall's Nothing About Us Without Us Is For Us
Media - here. Project Blog - here. Colin Speir's video of the Trebuchet in action here

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