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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lulu Shouts About Creative Scotland

Iconic Glaswegian pop poppet Lulu has sensationally entered the storm surrounding troubled arts institution Creative Scotland. 
Commonty reader Jeannie McGlumphie has conclusively shown that Lulu predicted the row some 50 years ago and also included dire warnings of the consequences of ignoring the wishes of the the arts community.

Lulu - 'compared to Nostradamus'
Ms McGlumphie, 75 of KirkmaBean discovered that by playing the lyrics to 'Shout' backwards the chorus could plainly be heard as 'the deeil rides fae Waverley Gate'. Stunned by her discovery the plucky 'Contextual Crochet Artist', delved further into the back catalogue and found herself 'literally shaking' when simple anagrams from the Eurovision winning 'Boom Bang-a-Bang' spelled out 'The right to guaranteed arts funding for everyone in the Central Belt is enshrined in all that is Holy'.

These revelations arrive hot on the heels of yesterdays bombshell from The Scotsman regarding the departing artistic director of National Theatre of Scotland, Vicky Featherstone.

Vicky Featherstone - 'did not mention Creative Scotland once'
The respected national newspaper, 195 of Embra, discovered that by taking some of the words Ms Featherstone said on leaving for her new job, and putting them in a different order it could make a whole new article about their long-running Creative Scotland 'saga'. Billed as a 'stark warning' Ms Featherstone's carefully chosen words about the importance of culture within the Scottish national psyche will surely ring true to anyone who reads them in the correct order.

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