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Friday, December 14, 2012

Involutus Memet - body of work reviewed

Commonty readers may well remember Denise Zygadlo's excellent exhibition at The Mill on the Fleet in September. Jeremy Carlisle has written an illuminating essay on the body of work shown at the Mill

Here is an extract:

'Throughout history and the history of depiction, of art also, the clothed figure has been a vehicle for expression.  The clothing and textiles of renaissance paintings and sculptures, for instance, were valued not just, where appropriate, for their gorgeousness, their role as symbols of power and status, their decorative qualities or by contrast when the subject required it, the raggedness of garments expressive of wretchedness, disease and poverty but also as expressive forms in their own right.  I think Zygadlo’s contemporary works are linked to and are a part of this tradition, they embody and express different states of being.  We are more than one person, our thoughts and emotions are hugely various, our bodies change.  We are well and unwell.  We are active and we rest.  We are clothed and unclothed.'

Denise Zygadlo - Involutus Memet (exhibition view at Mill on the Fleet)

The complete essay can be found  in the News section of Denise's website -

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