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Monday, December 17, 2012

Street Art - a question of consent?

Readers might remember the recent removal of Street Artist Mike Inglis' work in Dumfries - we recently came across this very interesting article about the growing phenomenon of 'Street Art' being employed as 'Public Art'.....and the problems that ensue over 'permission':

"You had no right to paint it over," one man yelled. "You had no right to paint it in the first place," replied one of the vandals, a retired state legislator.

Pierre Roti's 240 ft mural in Atlanta being painted over by angry citizens
The article in 'The Atlantic Cities - Place Matters' makes some fascinating points about how the inherent subversive nature of street art can cause problems when 'commissioned' as part of a public art programme....and all the issues that come with that about the ownership of public the whole piece here

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