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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ecclefechan Opportunity

 D+G LEADER are advertising for someone to undertake the design and manufacture of Interpretation Items for Ecclefechan. There is £20,000 budget - but, it very much looks like all the design work has been done and they really are looking for someone to manufacture. Also this opportunity has been advertised through Public Contracts Scotland which means that you have to register with them (pretty easy) and respond through their tendering process (worth contacting LEADER to check what is required) - the reference etc is:

Capacity for Change Project - EF/01/2013
Reference No: JAN134228
Published By: Dumfries and Galloway LEADER Programme
Deadline Date: 22-jan-13
Document Type: Contract Notice 

The design for the Four part of the advertised contract

Prepare the copy from rough text supplied by client. The copy must comply with best practice guidelines from Association of Heritage Interpretation.  The consultant will be expected to do some research on top of the supplied material.
Design and artwork
The consultant will prepare design and artwork from visual material supplied. The designer will be expected to prepare illustrative material in addition to that supplied in standard image format. The proposed design will include paper copies for evaluation by client. Final artwork to take into account comments from evaluation. The framework of the panels will require the consultant to create illustrative work based on photographs and sketches provided but they may need to make additional site visits.
The consultant will oversee and manage the manufacture of the interpretation items as given below. This will include installation, health and safety requirements.
The specification is as follows:
1. A1 panel with A2 Notice Board
2. Top to be laser cut using Ecclefechan skyline
3. Main panel to be colour GRP with minimum guarantee of 5 years
4. An option for the panel to be produced in Zinc Etched steel.
5. Frame and legs to be steel and powder coated in black.
6. Stone totems approx 2 metres in height above ground.
7. Stepping stones approx 300mm diameter sandblasted with images of caterpillars and butterflies – sandstone.

8. Seat to be carved as part of school workshop with Hoddom Primary School.


  1. The Original AnonymousJanuary 17, 2013 at 6:00 PM

    This is another example of the wide gap between between the way the arts functions and the way public bodies are required to 'procure' 'contractors'.

    Hopefully finding way of bridging this gap might be one of the outcomes of new relationships developing between the sector and public bodies locally....or even Creative Scotland might take this on as something they could try to unpick at a national level?

    Either way the result at the moment is that many arts practitioners are missing out on possible work and the world is missing out on some potentially great artwork!

  2. This commission was awarded to Differentia Design in Hexham - only two tenders were received

  3. The tendering process was transparent and fair and allowed for a response by artists and designers - this was not an arts project but an interpretation project for which an interpretation management plan was produced for the winning bidder.