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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Nithsdale - we have ze plan

from Scott Grant (DGC)

The Nithsdale Arts Plan is now available for public comment - deadline for responses is 1st Feb 2013.

The Arts Plan has been developed by the new Nithsdale Arts Hub (led by Nithsdale Arts Hub Chairman Graham Main of the Big Burns Supper) in consultation with the arts sector in Nithsdale

NB - this is an earlier version of the Nithsdale plan that was rejected for 'not showing sufficient ambition' and 'not really being Nithsdale-specific enough'
The vision of the Nithsdale Arts Hub is to “provide a local platform for the development and fostering of existing and emerging local arts experiences. In so doing, the Hub will help promote Nithsdale as a vibrant, learning and creative destination.”

Within this draft vision there are a number of overarching goals that will form the priority areas for Nithsdale:-

1.    Talent is thriving and excellent
Nithsdale is regarded as a place where we support Artistic Excellence  
2.    More people engage with the Arts
The arts are at the centre of people’s lives – more people are involved in arts in their communities and are enriched and inspired by arts experiences
3.    Young people are supported to develop their creative potential
Young people experience, engage and contribute to the local cultural economy 
4.    Development of Theatre, Dance, Music and Digital Arts is seen as a priority
The emergent arts enhance the local creativity economy and engage a new audience

Due to the technical limitations of The Commonty we cannot provide the plan for download - if you would like to see a copy then please email us at and we'll send you a copy. The draft plan will also be available at arts venues around Nithsdale (All hard copy returns need to go to the Council Offices, Municipal Chambers, Buccleuch Street, Dumfries marked for the attention of Samantha Briggs.).

You are being invited to comment as to whether you agree with the Arts Plan goals and whether there is anything you think is missing from the plan. A short online survey is available by following this link:-

Please help us to evaluate the quality of the draft plan before taking on board everyone’s views prior to a final working document being produced

I would encourage you to forward this email to anyone who you think has an interest in the arts.

Many regards


p.s Please remember that the closing date for responses will be 1st February 2013


  1. Hello.. the full plan is available here.*6eBUrtgdfvJSwCNsAKLcIIt2ZMEK1nKE5SnujW1W878k1C5Nsfy*hoZdWjXTjzwtnQfKi0uDh5UyerhgQ__/DraftNithsdaleAreaArtsPlan1.pdf