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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Creative Places Rides Again....

Creative Scotland is now inviting applications for the Creative Place Awards 2014.   The deadline for applications is Monday 19 August 2013, although applicants are required to notify us of their intention to apply by 5pm, Friday 5 July 2013.

Please visit Creative Scotland’s website for further information and details on how to apply:

The purpose of these awards is to enhance and promote the creative activities and programmes of smaller, specific communities in Scotland.  They will recognise their achievements and ambitions in using these activities, for the benefit of local communities and to attract visitors.  We want to celebrate the value of creativity to the wellbeing of communities, and to reward the hard work and imagination that lies behind the success of such places.

Burns Light - Dumfries 2009 - photo Allan Devlin
We encourage cultural organisations, community groups and/or local authorities to represent their village, town or other community and bid for an award that recognises its achievements in using its creative activities and programmes to promote the identity of the place. The awards will shine a light on the creative programmes in areas outwith Scotland’s main cities.  (Currently, areas within the cities of Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Stirling, Perth, Aberdeen and Inverness are not eligible to apply.)  It will run over the three years 2012-14 and there will be one deadline per year for submissions.

Award categories:
£50,000 to the winning place with under 2,500 residents
£100,000 to the winning place with under 10,000 residents
£150,000 to the winning place with under 100,000 residents

If you require support, have any general enquiries about the application process or would like to discuss your proposal with someone before preparing your application,
please contact our Enquiries Service in the first instance.  Our Enquiries Team will be able to advise you or will put you in contact with one of our Officers.
Email: Tel: 0845 603 6000

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  1. By our reckoning Dumfries is the only place with OVER 10,000 inhabitants in about it good folk of Dumfropolis - who's in??