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Monday, April 22, 2013

Unusual Places to Dance - Part Two

CatStrand, New Galloway – Friday 10 May 2013

7:30pm £10/£8 01644 420 374

How does intimacy change as time passes? Do our relationships alter, as we get older?

As we age we can become increasingly isolated and less intimate, often losing our connections to the world around us. But for some, they value the depth that their experiences bring to bear on their present lives.

Tricky Hat Productions’ new theatre show Unusual Places to Dance Part 2 is an honest and
beautiful portrayal of older people’s lives; it explores several taboos and challenges perceptions.

The production draws from real life experiences of older people, exploring what growing older in Scotland looks and feels like today with the use of drama, dance, digital art and music.

Tricky Hat Productions is a company specialising in creating and delivering theatre based projects with hard to reach and vulnerable people across Scotland. They have particular expertise in working with, amongst other groups, older people. Their website has more info here

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