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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Nothing Interesting Ever Happens In.... Carlisle

It may be across the border, but Carlisle's Photo Festival is worth a wee trip. One of the commonty snuck down for a look at the opening last night:
Tina Remiz's work featured in The Galley

Running from the 15th to the 21st of this month, the festival showcases both local and international photographers work in a variety of venues across the city, displaying in galleries (the Crown and student/graduate run the galley) as well as more unusual spaces - check out Sarlotta Alli's Last Destination outside St Paul's Church and, most excitingly of all perhaps, the central exhibition space for the festival - The Old Post Office, which has been sat derelict for some time, has been transformed into a gallery space for the run of this exhibition. And if all that wasn't enough - head to Paradise Court near Tullie House!
Opening Night at the Post Office - Work by Dave Hurn (centre)

Check the website here for more info

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