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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Voluntary Arts Week - Get Involved!

In a few weeks time it’s Voluntary Arts Week (11 – 19 May). I’d like to ask though the Chamber if your members know of any voluntary/community/amateur arts groups to let them know about Voluntary Arts Week  

It’s an opportunity to celebrate voluntary/community/amateur arts activity in all its diversity. Across Dumfries & Galloway there’s likely to be hundreds if not thousands who participate in the arts and crafts each month.

Whether a choir, knitting group, drama society, pipe band, brass band or orchestra or those that paint, dance quilt, sing or whatever their chosen art or craft form!
Voluntary Arts Week is a chance to celebrate, collaborate and inspire others to join in.
If they are part of a group, here are a few ideas of how they could get involved:
§ Hold an open rehearsal or taster session
§ Put on a special performance or exhibition
§ Take their art or craft form to a different venue or public space (bus station/shopping centre)
§ Partner up with another group/organisation to run a creative project or event
§ If they are already doing something that week, simply badge it as part of Voluntary Arts Week and make it welcoming to new people
 So far there are drummers in Stranraer, dancers in Dumfries and painters in Langholm using Voluntary Arts Week to promote their activities and encourage more people to participate in the arts.

They can register either by visiting or contact me on

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