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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Applied Arts Scotland - Taking to the Road

On a seperate, but linked note - Applied Arts Scotland are taking to the road with several roadshow events planned over the next few months. There is one earmarked for Dumfries in August, but if you can't wait that long The Craft of Making event will be taking place at the Lighthouse in Glasgow on Wednesday the 22nd of May.
Key speakers include:
Katy West, Creative Programmer at The Lighthouse will welcome the speakers and give a programme update on Scotland's National Centre for Design and Architecture.

Fi Scott, will talk about Make Works, a new initiative which facilitates and celebrates making, manufacture, craftsmanship and digital fabrication in Scotland. By jumping into her VW Campervan and taking a tour of the country, she aims to find the very best of Scottish fabrication and share her findings in order to boost the availability of and confidence in local craftsmanship.
Make Works - an exciting sounding project touring Scotland this Summer

The Scottish Artists Union will share an overview of the organisations activities and an update on its member survey, its work on rates of pay and payment rights as well as practical information on the Public Entertainment License reforms.

Inge Panneels, Chair of Applied Arts Scotland and will talk about the organisations long term plans and conversations with key partners. Recent projects include preliminary research into funded craft apprenticeships.

The AAS blog is a good place to watch for upcoming info

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