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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Art Causes Debate Shocker

Always good to get a reminder that art is not celebration or toeing the line - it is about raising questions and getting folk thinking and talking. Such is the fervour around things creative in D+G that even the local press is joining in - there has been an interesting thread in the Dumfries Standard over the last week.....starting with this last Friday:

This was followed yesterday by this: interesting, but not altogether convincing, argument that the Plane Stanes performance area and Midsteeple might be pressed into service as a border checkpoint in an self-governing Scotland.

For more more hot gossip on currency issues readers might be interested to hear from BBC Scotlandshire - whose Och Aye the News is one of the funniest things on the interweb at the moment:

Here is their take on the currency issue

Brilliant that we are all talking about this stuff rather than Britains Got Talent though..... bring it on! What are you thinking Commonty folk?

STOP PRESS!!! - it goes on your new place for Arts Criticism - The Standard (good for them!)


  1. Hopefully the arts can provide a forum for the crucial discussion about who the 'we' is in Scotland - just as it seems to have in 'We can be heroes'

    'We Can All Be Citizens' -sez I

  2. The Original AnonymousMay 2, 2013 at 7:39 AM

    Thought provoking articles indeed - re 'arts funding and independence' - I I am struggling to think which are the successful events that have 'wound down' after we lost DGArts? I can think of plenty that have started (including the excellent Big Burns Supper, Stove, Kirkmahoe Concerts, Thornhill Music Festival etc).....maybe better informed arts folk will be able to enlighten me?

  3. This is a brilliant achievement for that show. Can't think of a time in our lives when a piece of work has caused so much chat. On yersels new kids on the block.

  4. This is good stuff...have greatly enjoyed this week's Commonty

    Can I just get my oar in here...
    “While Europe's eye is fix'd on mighty things, The fate of empires and the fall of kings; While quacks of State must each produce his plan, And even children lisp the Rights of Man; Amid this mighty fuss just let me mention, The Rights of Woman merit." Robert Burns

  5. On a point of order: so long as GB is a constitutional monarchy we are not all 'citizens', we are subjects.

    1. Good point, well made important point to debate. Bring on the Republic of Scotland?