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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Healthy Connections - Stewartry

An exciting new project is being developed in the Stewartry. This will make connections between two GP Practices, Castle Douglas Medical Group and Dalbeattie Clinic, and local community activities to support people to improve their health and well being. This will involve a range of opportunities such as art activities, exercise, volunteering, financial advice or to other support organisations in the local area 

Well being is about how we think and feel; being confident, enjoying life and coping with life’s challenges.   However, sometimes life circumstances, such as social isolation, retirement, bereavement, loss of employment etc, can have a negative impact on our well being. Healthy Connections Stewarty looks to enable people to take positive steps to feel better in their selves.

Creative activity has been shown to have a number of well being benefits such as the ability to increase self esteem and relieving stress through providing a relaxing experience. It can provide a sense of purpose, help engage in social relationships and friendship and improve an individual’s quality of life.   Creative activity is therefore a perfect example of an opportunity that can help people to feel better about their lives.
My Last CARnival - Bentham (Looking Well)
Initially, individuals will either be able to access an introductory block of art sessions to give them a ‘taster’ of opportunities and to build confidence to access activities already existing in the local communities or signposted directly to the community activities if more suitable.  The introductory block will be provided through Access Arts and the Building Healthy Communities Self Management Programme.

We are now looking to identify opportunities that can be signposted to as part of the Healthy Connections Stewartry Programme and are happy to hear from anyone who would like to be a part of this. Details required include as name of activity, brief description, when and where it happens, who it is aimed at and costs (if applicable).

For more information please contact Claire Thirlwall:

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