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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sunday Film Afternoons at the Nail Factory Part 2 - Dennis Banks

A documentary about Dennis Banks (Ojibwe) and the American Indian Movement, Made by Native Americans,this documentary provides an insight to a movement that had a huge influence on Native Americans and started a new awareness and pride in the heritage of the  original peoples of Turtle Island (America).

Daniel Fuller (who's Retrospective along with Hannah Frank is now on in The Nail factory), Mohawk artist (Canada) was greatly inspired by the A.I.M. and next to his art helped young NDN's te re-discover their own culture.The struggle continues to this day, many young NDN's committing suicide, drug & alcohol abuse and being victims of racism.

Against this torrent of negativity, people like the late Mohawk artist Daniel Fuller and Ojibwe Elder and Spiritual leader Art Solomon tried to provide their peoples with a positive attitude and hope for the future. Daniel's daughter is immensely proud of her father's work and of being NDN. Art Solomon's grandson Chad is involved with a series of graphic novels called Rabbit and Bear Paws, to help teach kids the values of the Ojibwe.

The film will be shown every Sunday from 4pm until 28th July. Due to popular demand the exhibition has been extended to 28th July.A free film worth viewing.

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