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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Spring Fling - setting the pace for 2014

Now, it may seem not too long since Spring Fling wrapped up for another year and surely far too soon to be even contemplating 2014 - however those cool cats don't miss a trick and are already hitting the treadmill for next year. And as ever, there will be big, new and exciting things on the go. 
To this end, there are a couple of bits of news from the SF Team:

Firstly, plans for next year hope to take D&G's fantastic talent out into the wider world, and to this end are planning not one, but three exhibitions giving the opportunity for 2014 Spring Flingers to showcase their work in The Lighthouse (Glasgow 14 Jan - 23 Feb), The Biscuit Factory (Newcastle 8 April - 19 May) and a commercial gallery in Chelsea (London from the end of April).

Spring Fling Going National! from Spring Fling on Vimeo.

To aid this grand plan - SF have started a kickstarter fundraising campaign - and hope to raise £3000 by 28 August to aid the project, donate generously!

Secondly, following on from last years successful Roadshow - the team are taking to the High Roads of D&G on the 23rd August, calling in at StranraerNew Gallowayor Lockerbie - all of your questions will be answered! 

Thirdly, applications will open (yes, really) from the 21st of August to the 4th of October. The bursary scheme is back but this year it is bigger and better - spreading out from just helping graduates to artists and makers who are in need of financial aid due to them just starting out, because of geographical reasons, or due to the nature of their work. There will also be two you artist bursary awards on the go again this year, with the same application dates.

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