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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wigtown Book Festival 2013 - Programme and Artist in Residence announced

Introducing the work of Astrid Jaekel, this year's Spring Fling Artist in Residence at the Wigtown Book Festival. Hailing from Edinburgh, the artist and illustrator's most recent work has included work in traditional paper cut and large scale installations including a new work on the BT Telephone Exchange in the capitals Rose Street (pictured below).
In her project ‘Windows of Wigtown’ Astrid will collect people’s feelings, memories and perceptions of the town and its book festival. She wants to understand what makes the place tick and what makes it such a unique cornerstone of Scottish literary life.

Once these findings have been ‘bottled’ Astrid will create a series of window displays to share people’s experiences, in effect creating a window through which the world can gain a greater understanding of Wigtown and its book festival.

Astrid said: ‘Windows frame our lives, they provide us a means of viewing the world, be it that which exists outside our homes, or the one which we gain a cheeky glimpse of when walking past our neighbour’s house; metaphorically, they  grant us a deeper understanding of issues previously out of reach. Whether literal or metaphorical, windows trigger our curiosity; they make us think, reflect and even gossip.’

For anyone who has forgotten or has not thought that far ahead yet - the Wigtown Book Festival is running this year from the 27 September to the 6th of October. The programme for the festival has just been launched online, so the time is now - check it out here...  more to follow about this on the commonty shortly!
To find out more about Astrid Jaekel's work her website is a good place to start...

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