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Friday, October 11, 2013

How to Get Up with Spring Fling - be part of a street art adventure

Spring Fling has joined forces with Glasgow based street art collective Recoat to produce Spring Fling | Rural Mural (SF|RM). SF|RM will see a collective of local, Scottish and international artists paint large-scale murals across Dumfries and Galloway; adorning buildings, empty shop fronts, vehicles, and we hope, a few unexpected things too.

Recoat painting cars in Falcon Square, Inverness image IOTA

Do you have an idea for a mural location? We are looking for buildings, vehicles, shop fronts or anything else you can think of for our artists to beautify with murals. If you would like to ‘donate’ a location or object to form part of SF|RM please let us know by Sunday 10 November.
Are you an artist linked with Spring Fling? We are looking for local artists from within the Spring Fling network to work with experienced national and international street artists (A Paid Opportunity).
Are you an aspiring artist or street artist? We need aspiring artists for our free workshops where participants can learn about mural painting and play a part in generating themes for the murals.
Are you a local business looking to raise your profile? SF|RM are looking for local businesses that would like to sponsor this ambitious, high profile, community orientated project.

What Are We Looking For? 

We are looking for local people to come forward with rural buildings & walls, town centre shop fronts, vehicles of all sorts (ie tractors, buses, bikes), and ‘unexpected things to paint’ to be painted with murals which will form part of an ambitious project called Spring Fling | Rural Mural.

More info - here 



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