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Saturday, October 12, 2013

New work from Emerging Artists at Empire # Gliding Over All

Another one from across the divide - Carlisle's independent student and graduate run gallery space, The Galley, opens this Thursday evening with a preview of their next show - Empire # Gliding Over All by up-and-coming artists Rory Laycock and Adam Greig. Rory who hails from the muckle toon of the Langholm collaborated with Adam over the summer in his Langholm studio to produce the new body of work, which goes on show from the 18th to the 22nd of this month.

"When a beverage can send a man into space to break the sound barrier you begin to realise we are living in real empire times.

Beginning in the summer of 2013, Adam Greig and Rory Laycock have come together for the first time to collaborate in showing a brand new collection of works, of which have the focus on pushing the boundaries of human performance.

Through their shared working practice, both artists have had their attention turned to this product which is promoted to its audience as an enhancer of athleticism and which can be used in order to reach the infinite, as well as human excellence. To glide over all.

This isn’t pop, its energy."

If you've not visited the Galley before - the site alone is worth a visit, carefully hidden away in the rafters of one of the old mill buildings in Denton Holme. It's curious pentagonal shape is always a curious space for painting exhibitions, but this promises to be a trip worth making.

Open Daily
Friday 18th Oct - Tuesday 22nd Oct 2013
11am - 5pm

Preview evening | Thursday 17th Oct| 7pm - 11pm

Visit the exhibition's event page on facebook or for more information about the Galley click here 

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