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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Artist Residency Opportunities in Finland

Titanik artist-in-residence programme offers one- to three-month residencies for sound artists, working in the intersection of sound and contemporary art.

Titanik residency is run by the Arte Artists’ Association in Turku, southwestern coast of Finland. Titanik A.i.R programme has been running since 2006, shifting it's focus to sound in 2013, which made it the first sound art residency in Finland.

The working space, 20m2, is adjoined to the contemporary art gallery Titanik (open to public Tue-Fri 12 - 6pm and Sat-Sun 12 - 4pm), located in the city centre, on the shore of the river Aura. The artists can work in the Titanik A.i.R. studio space 24/7.

The residency period includes a possibility for exhibiting in the A.i.R. studio space. Additionally, the artists may arrange public screenings, performances etc. during the residency at the gallery space. There is also a possibility to use tools and audiovisual equipment upon agreement.

AnGie Seah: The Soup of Nature - Titanik AiR 2013
The human nature in the natural landscape.
Exploring on the relationship between human and nature and its inside-out.
A great combination for a bowl of soup.

Artists are provided with free accommodation in a beautiful, fully equipped studio in city centre, within walking distance from Titanik Gallery. The studio is suitable for a single artist or a couple.

The artists must fund all their living and working expenses, including food, transportation and material for exhibition.

Application instructions
Please prepare an individual submission, including:
- Short, clear and realistic project plan (max one page). Please specify, whether you are planning to work on a new piece or continue an old one.
- Short motivation statement (max one page) with preferred dates of residency, and possible interest in hosting an exhibition, artist talk or other event.
- CV (max one page) plus artist’s homepage.
- Maximum of 10 minutes worth of work samples as a web link to the sample material.
- Samples of recent work as attachment files (3–5 pieces).

Please send your completed submission by e-mail to by 15th March at 4pm. For more details head on over to the website here

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