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Saturday, February 15, 2014

You’re never too wee to be inspired!

'.........No, but really, the recent discussion on making available school places for two year olds is quite a thought. They are just wee weans that need food, warmth and lots of love. And play. Their ability to learn quickly, to explore without inhibition, to imagine and dream, all appear to mirror the playful qualities of the creative process. How can we keep that flame burning in children before they become affected by what has recently been described as an "unprecedented toxic climate" of stress and pressure, according to a survey. Fear of failure, bullying, pressure to be thin and depression were some of the issues complained of by youngsters questioned in a poll commissioned for the UK charity Young Minds.'

A most excellent short blog by Jim Tough of the Saltire Society about the importance of solid and consistent thinking about the arts and the whole thing here

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