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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Time for Reflection @ Hulaballo, Dumfries

An exhibition of hand-crafted clocks and mirrors, by Tom Goff, opens at the Hulaballoo Restaurant, Robert Burns Centre, on April 1.
Clock by Tom Goff
 Tom, who now lives in Moffat, trained as a welder, but his mother was a sculptor, so blood will out! His artwork, inspired by William Morris and other luminaries in the Arts and Crafts movement, includes metalwork in the form of hanging ornaments, jewellery, mirrors, ornate kitchen racks and lampshades.  He works in copper, brass and stainless steel, often with glass incorporated. 
In this exhibition he will be showing a selection of unique, hand-crafted clocks and mirrors made from oak and ash, with hand-beaten copper and brass decoration.
Originally from Merseyside, Tom has exhibited in Wirral and Liverpool. His work was chosen for the Spring 2008 Exhibition at the Williamson Art Gallery, and he also exhibited and sold in Chester at the WildArtExpo at Bonhams in 2008. He currently has work in galleries in Biggar, Dumfries, Moffat and Peebles.
Images of Scotland, Past and Present by Noelle Stevenson
Also on show will be a selection of original paintings on silk, by Sanquhar artist Noelle Stevenson.  Noelle has exhibited widely, both here and overseas.  She has taken an ancient art form and given it a personal interpretation, by painting straight on to the silk and controlling the flow of paint. In her paintings she  seeks to capture the essence of the silk itself with its nuances of texture and subtle sheens.  She is inspired by natural images, both real and imaginary. She also paints in watercolour and will be showing some examples of her work in this medium.
The exhibition runs until  6 May.
For further details, contact Tom on 01683 22088 or
Or Noelle, on 01659 50224, or

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