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Friday, April 11, 2014

Call for Live Art Proposals in Lithuania

Forwarded to The Commonty by Kathleen O'Neill....Kathleen has visited this group in Lithuania and see a good potential synergy between D+G practice and organisations and fellow artists in Kaunas

Dear Friends,
live art festival CREATurE will take place for the third time in Kaunas.  And it is already a hot spot of performance, place for experiments, acquaintances and new ideas.
This time CREATurE 2014 co-operates with P.A.S. studies and invites everyone who are interested in improvement of their skills and learning from the best.
P.A.S. students' performances will be included to the CREATurE performance programe.
Please spread the info for those, who could be interested.
Event will take place: 20. May - 2. June 2014 / Kaunas, Lithuania
P.A.S. Performance Art Studies #35 | “Resistance”
With the guest teacher Alexandra Zierle & Paul Carter - Zierle Carter
more information:
application form:

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