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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Calling all intrepid Sailors

A wee reminder to those interested in participating in this year's Nithraid, the first meeting will be taking place this Friday at the Steamboat in Carsethorn.
Nithraid Question No 1: The Riddle of the Wavelets. What is this?

Initial meeting for the Nithraid 2014.
Steamboat Inn, Carsethorn. April 25th 7.30

This meeting is to give those who took part last year the chance to talk about the race, allow us confirm the date that doesn’t clash with other events, make a comprehensive mailing list, and air general ideas about the future of the event. And, of course, to allow those who would like to be more closely involved to become so.

Please let me know you are coming or, if you cannot make it, please let me know that you are interested and would like to be kept informed.

Send your answers to the Riddle of the Wavelets and discover the truth
The Steamboat

on the 25th.

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