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Friday, April 18, 2014

First we took Glasgow and Newcastle - then we took London Town

The dream continues this week as Bonny Princess Leah leads her her army further down the road to their latest conquest - London Town.......

Rallying the troops.....from left Colin Smyth, Cathy Agnew, Ronnie Nicholson, Amy Winstanley, Patti Lean, Leah Black
Dumfries and Galloway Council has teamed up with the Chamber of Arts and Spring Fling for an art exhibition to promote the region in London. Council leader Ronnie Nicholson and Councillor Colin Smyth today (Wednesday, 16 April) met with artists taking part in the DG|OUT exhibition at the James Harvey British Art gallery in Chelsea.The Council is supporting the exhibition to help raise the profile of the region as a visitor destination, and as a centre of artistic excellence.

Councillor Nicholson said: “Our region has a growing national and international reputation as a powerhouse of artistic creativity. The art, craft and design from this area is an increasingly important attraction for visitors, and is also a fantastic source of career opportunities.
“Spring Fling plays a valuable role in our community attracting tourists and generating income – last year it contributed nearly £1 million for the local economy. We are very pleased to be supporting the London exhibition as a way of building on this success, to bring our creative sector to the attention of new audiences and help develop our economy.”
DG|OUT: James Harvey British Art takes place from 24-26 April. There is a preview on Wednesday, 23 April 6-8pm. Some of the 22 exhibitors will be giving talks and demonstrations.
Councillor Smyth, who is the Council’s Creativity Champion, said: “The Council has a Major Festivals and Events Strategy to make the most of our leading festivals and creative events. We firmly believe that our arts and our beautiful landscape can be a source of prosperity for the region.”

The Councillors were joined by Cathy Agnew, Chair of Dumfries and Galloway Chamber of Arts, which has worked with Spring Fling to make the exhibition happen.
The exhibition features work by leading names from the region such as Threadneedle and Aspect Prize winner Patricia Cain, Harry Potter book cover creator Clare Melinsky and sculptor Lucianne Lassalle.
It is one of three national exhibitions being produced by Spring Fling (the others are in Glasgow and Newcastle) to introduce visual art and craft from Dumfries and Galloway across the UK.
Leah Black, Spring Fling Director, said: “Our annual visual art and craft open studios event has a fantastic reputation and attracts visitors from all over the country. The exhibitions in London, Glasgow and Newcastle are a way to let more people know about the event and encourage them to visit us.
“The exhibitions are also a way to let people know about everything else that Dumfries and Galloway has to offer – its countryside, coastlines, beautiful towns and villages, great culture and history. In this way we hope to attract more visitors to come here and stay – bring benefits to the whole of our economy.
“It’s great that the Council is giving such strong backing to our creative sector and recognises its potential as a source of careers for our people and a magnet for tourism.”


  1. one million - can we see the proof?

  2. one million, one million, one million
    we believe, we believe, we believe
    When I clap my hand you will wake up !

  3. Dear Anonymous #1, thank you for your interest.
    This is calculated carefully using visitor data collected by our prize draw cards (approx. 700 of these were returned in 2013), artist studio data (from 95 studios). The figure under £1million from 2013 (actually £990,000) is based on spend in art in studios over the weekend (£200,000 in 2013) plus estimated 'bednight spend' and 'day spend' of our estimated 12,000 unique visitors over 3 days calculated using the Visit Scotland tourism multipliers - an industry standard used to work out the economic impact of events and tourism. If you would like any further information on our data collection and analysis please email me on
    Many thanks, Leah.