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Monday, June 23, 2014

Dumfries Charter 14 - first rushes

from The Stove

Some early images from The Stove's Dumfries Charter14 event that was staged on the High Street in Dumfries this Saturday:

The Charter construction around the town fountain
The lettering needed the addition of water to become properly visible - the fountain itself was the water supply and buckets and sponges the tools for the job
The upper layer presented more of a challenge!
Next door was Charter14 HQ - where people were invited to edit and add to the crowd-sourced 'peoples charter' before stamping, signing and sealing their own copy
The line for the sealing wax
Mrs Murdoch made the first Charter of the day
Dumfries Charter14
The banners around the fountain read (top layer) 'Dumfries is what we all make together' and (below) 'brave enough to take risks and surprise people'

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