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Monday, June 23, 2014

Scotland Loves Democracy - 'Wee Play Scotland'

From Scotland Loves Democracy

Scotland Loves Democracy is 100% non-political (and neutral on the Referendum) - our aim is support Scotland in increasing its skill in democratic and collective decision-making for the future that we will all share (whatever the outcome of individual issues to be decided)
A people powered movement for democratic innovation is gaining ground across Scotland. Questions, conversation, activity, and actions are fizzing and popping all over the place. From campaign activity on either side of the referendum to the community empowerment bill in parliament. Lovers of democracy are finding voice. Last year, inspired by and connected to the Icelandic assembly movement, So Say Scotland got folks Thinking Together about the Future of Scotland. This year, working with NEF Fellow Perry Walker of Open Up, So Say is producing a card game which creates a safe space for folk to play to learn, and hone their opinion on the referendum.

The 'Wee Play' card game is means for a group of people to discuss the issues around the independence question in a way that opens up the issues rather than closing them down to simply 'Aye' or 'Naw'.
Wee Play Scotland
We saw The Stove Network's latest project 'Dumfries Charter 14' and thought it a brilliant example of collective we got in touch and came down to Dumfries at the weekend. 

Susan Pettie (second left) playing Wee Play Scotland in the White Hart in Dumfries on Friday
We have left five sets of Wee Play Scotland with The Stove for them to lend out to people who might want to trial the game themselves (contact The Stove if you are interested)....copies of the game are available for £20 (discounts for large orders) form

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