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Friday, June 6, 2014

Electric Theatre Workshop take on Prague

Electric Theatre Workshop have taken their spectacular Blood Orange to the international stage as part of the 13th Prague Fringe Festival. Amazing work guys!

One reviewer described the show as a 'punch in the face, power and painful...which demands your attention throughout', and international audiences were treated to 60 minutes worth of the Dumfries accent, which included some of the region's top acting talent.
Blood Orange. Photo credits: Colin Tennant
It’s yet another success for the Award winning company - under the leadership of the Artistic Director, Graham Main who are emerging as one of the top companies in Scotland.

The play documents a real event in Dumfries history – when the Scottish Defence League came to town to object an increase in accommodation to the Mosque on the Annan Road. The play was written last Summer to reflect a moment in our changing social environment.

Originally a commission for the first Environmental Arts Festival Scotland – the piece was created by Electric Theatre Workshop as a way to document the shifting change in the political landscape, and rise of the right wing in modern Britain.

The play will now take centre stage at Edinburgh Fringe Festival at the Summerhall venue where it will run for one month.

Graham Main, Artistic Director of the company who created the piece said,

“Given the recent rise of the right wing in the European elections, and the media obsession with UKIP, the play questions just what we define as prejudice, and what we don’t. It doesn’t offer us an opinion to follow, simply that our world is changing, and that here in Dumfries & Galloway – we have a story to share with the world. It is brilliant to think that international audiences are starting to connect with Dumfries in this way"

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