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Friday, July 18, 2014

Stranraer Summer Festivities - Now Online!

From Stranraer Summer Festivities

A new social network site has been launched to help promote events and arts related activities in and around Stranraer town centre. The Facebook page titled “Stranraer Summer Festivities” aims to provide a diary of events which will assist in encouraging visitors to the town. The social network site has been established as part of a Creative Future commission managed by Dumfries and Galloway Chamber of Arts, and funded by Dumfries and Galloway Council and Creative Scotland, which aims to harness the power of the arts to help with the regeneration of Stranraer’s town centre.

Sid Ambrose was awarded the commission and is responsible for setting up the Stranraer Summer Festivities page. He commented: “In the short time l have been involved in Stranraer it is obvious to me that the town has a very vibrant arts and events sector.

“Many people have a passion for what they do individually and a shared vision of attracting visitors to our area and improving the quality of life for local people. My commissioned role enables me to help promote the good work being carried out by organisations such as Sea Pyots and Stranraer music town.”

Seasoned promoter Archie Craig, who is involved in Armed Forces Day and Sausagefest, commented: “it has been great fun being involved in this project. l feel it helps all of the organisers realise that we are essentially working towards similar goals of benefiting the town.”

Mandy Green, who co-ordinates the RNLI fundraising event Parkfest, said: “Sid Ambrose recently assisted us in securing our headline act Neville Staple which we are very excited about. We will certainly be using the Stranraer Summer Festivities page as another means of promoting our event and headline act.”

The new site is not intended to replace any current promotional work being carried out and will help signpost people to existing websites and other social network pages.

Workshops, exhibitions and any other arts related activities such as theatre, literature, film and dance should feel free to post on and make use of the page as a promotional tool.
To view forthcoming activities, or promote your own event visit people are invited to visit head over to their Facebook page here 

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