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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Our Cultural Commons - Initial scoping: a call for examples & case studies

From Kathleen O'Neill

Voluntary Arts and Arts Development UK are both organisations committed to supporting local cultural and creative activity. They have joined together to initiate a national conversation about how communities and organisations can and do collaborate and work together to ensure effective and sustainable cultural spaces, networks, facilities and resources for themselves. They want to start this conversation by providing an outline account of the range of partnerships that currently exist, the ways people have found that work and any new opportunities people are seizing. A selection of accounts will be featured on a web based resource and be added to as the conversation grows.

To start the whole project off, Sue Isherwood, the consultant who has been engaged to undertake this scoping exercise, would like to have examples you may know in your own localities, whether well-established or is just starting out. It is important that we can grasp the fullest range of community action and support so we are looking for examples from all the nations of the UK and the Republic of Ireland, from urban and rural localities, from large and small, from rich and poor, from diverse communities and from those of faith and of none. We are particularly interested in places:

Where volunteers and professionals are collaborating to mutual benefit
Where new partnerships have been forged, with local health services and/or across the cultural sector for example with libraries/museums, sports centres, parks, adult education
Where local authorities have responded imaginatively to challenges to traditional support models
Where ideas have come from a recognition of the existing strengths of local resources – human and material
Where people have thought about how opportunities can be made sustainable.

The timescale for this initial scoping of the richness of local cultural collaborations is tight and Sue would like your suggestions by Friday 19 September. If you would like to submit a response for consideration, please: Send no more than 250 words describing your example and what makes it exciting.
Include your name, position in/relationship to your example and your telephone number
A link to any website for your example if appropriate
Include who are the partners, how you are constituted, if at all.
Why you do it and what outcomes you have you achieved/hope to achieve in the next 2 years.

On behalf of VA and AD:UK, Sue intends to examine the range of information given, summarise the scope and range and select a small number to follow up. There will only be time to ask for longer write ups of a few examples by the first deadline of mid-October, but we expect to explore and feature many more over the new couple of years, so do not hesitate to share your knowledge and experience. Please send responses by 19 September to Sue Isherwood, C3 Cultural Consultancy. email

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