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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Wanted: Youth Theatre Leader in Stranraer

From Carolyn Yates

Ryan Youth Theatre (RYT) is seeking a qualified youth theatre leader, subject to securing funding, who will run weekly drama workshops at the Ryan Centre Theatre in Stranraer Dumfries and Galloway.

RYT is for 14 to 24 year old young people. The fee is £80 per session (inc. VAT). There is no additional travel payment. The Youth Theatre Leader will be managed by Carolyn Yates on behalf of Wigtown Festival Company. RYT meets from 6 to 8 pm every Tuesday in term time.

As well as the regular weekly sessions, RYT aim to do 2 major performance projects in 2015. These may be directed by a guest director or the Youth Theatre Leader (for an additional fee) depending on the time-scale and nature of the project.

There is a junior (9 to 14) drama summer school in 2015, linked to the Swallow Theatre which the RYT Youth Theatre Leader will be invited to run (for a fee of £500, with free accommodation at the Swallow Theatre). There are also ‘specialist’ weekend workshops e.g. physical theatre, script writing, technical stage craft run by guest theatre professionals, which the Youth Theatre Leader need not attend but may help to set up.

Initial expressions of interest are to be made to Carolyn Yates, by Friday 12th September 2014. E Mail: Phone: 01988 402036

The MAIN AIM OF RYT is to sustain a viable and vibrant youth theatre in Stranraer. It does this by:

· Supporting regular RYT workshops for 14 to 25 year olds in the area
· Supporting an annual young people’s theatre summer school in Wigtown for 9 +(separate fee for this);
· Creating and scripting 2 new performances by and for young people (additional project funding for these);
· Establish links between young people in Wigtownshire and other young people in Scotland and beyond through the creation of joint theatre productions and participation in the National Festival of Youth Theatre. (Around 300 young people from 11 young people’s theatres, including an international theatre project of 28 young people from 7 European countries took part in the 2014 festival);
· Strengthening links with WTF and the Wigtown Book Festival;
· raising the region’s capacity to provide leadership for youth theatre (through YTAS membership and the Interchange training opportunity);
· Maintain Arts Award in the region.

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