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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

DG Unlimited seeks new Board Members

From the DG Unlimited team

Further major developments are taking place at DG Unlimited (the Chamber of the Arts) with an invitation going out for three new trustees to join the board. The opportunity to stand is open to any member and the process is straightforward. If you would like to stand, please provide a short statement of no more than 300 words explaining why you would make an effective trustee. These statements will be circulated to the membership should there be need for a formal election - which will happen if more than three candidates apply.

Board membership is for a term of three years with the possibility of re-election.
The minimum time commitment for board trustees is one meeting every four to six weeks.
Travel expenses can be claimed for attending board meetings or other meetings at which the trustee is representing the board.

Image: Laura Vasconcellos

The work of the board is primarily advisory and to act as a facilitating body for the benefit of the arts in the region. There is a possibility that board members might, from time to time, have a conflict of interest in some of the decisions that the board is required to make. There is provision in the constitution of the Chamber of the Arts that specifies the required actions of board members in that situation and does not prevent any member standing for election.

If you do not have a copy of the constitution of the Dumfries and Galloway Chamber of the Arts, the Acting Secretary will provide one.
Applications with a statement must be received by the Acting Secretary before Saturday 25th October. If there are more than three candidates the election will take place as soon as possible after the 25th.

Please send your application by email or post to Jim Tildesley, Acting Secretary, Dumfries and Galloway Chamber of the Arts:
• email:
• post: Jim Tildesley, Acting Secretary, Dumfries and Galloway Chamber of the Arts, Old Mill Cottage, Moffat, DG10 9LD.

If you have any questions about the work of the Board of Trustees please contact the Acting Secretary.
• The full letter which has been sent to members can be seen here along with information about the current board membership.

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