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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Nuisance of Landscape with Grizedale Arts

From Grizedale Arts

Grizedale celebrates fifteen years, with a major survey across Cumbria in partnership with the Lakeland Arts Trust from Kendal, through Blackwell in Windemere to the Coniston Institute. 
To view the full programme, head here

Part 1: The Nuisance of Landscape - Grizedale the Sequel (this might go on a bit)Abbott Hall Art Gallery 10 October – 20 December
A new sense of what a general nuisance landscape really is, the exhibition covers the history of Grizedale as it emerged from the dark woods from 1999 to the present - from confrontational attempts to be honest about the place to attempts to be honest about our confrontation. The exhibition tells the story of the programme and illustrates the changing attitude to where we live. It also tells a bigger story of change in art and artists over the past decade. All the hits and misses under one roof: forest confrontation, cultural car crash and hug a local, plus an artist’s film survey thrown in. Feeling that was not enough, enough is never enough, we have also on the dias in front of Abbot Hall (bearing down on the Barbara Hepworth) the UK premier of Anchorhold. Marcus Coates will be offering one to one advice (From 8th Nov - alongside Kendal’s Deputy Mayor and many others).

Farmer John Atkinson looks out across a sea of smog

Part Four: It’s All About the Landscape Coniston Mechanics Institute
10 Nov to 1 Dec
A rebirthing of art, craft and design in the original home of the Lakes Artists and Ruskin’s Home Craft Industries, by turning the Institute’s main hall into a stand alone self-sustaining production, exhibition and retail unit. The show combines an exhibition of traditional and palatable landscape paintings from Cumbrian collections (the pre-industrial revolution working landscape with actual people in them actually working) alongside an antique shop specialising in local Arts and Crafts movement, a functioning coffee and cake café, massage bed, a crafts workshop developing new home craft products, but also offering visitors the opportunity to create their own souvenirs and nascent products. The self-contained unit is designed and built by artist D J Simpson and incorporates the village indoor bowls club (meetings Friday afternoons through November) Visitors are welcome to come during bowls times and are welcome to join in See here for more info

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