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Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Outdoor Museum Plinth Commission Helensburgh

From WAVEparticle

Argyll & Bute Council wishes to commission a number of artists to propose and develop a public art commission as part of the innovative Outdoor Museum project in Helensburgh.

The Outdoor Museum project is an integral part of Argyll & Bute Council’s CHORD programme to revitalise Helensburgh’s town centre. The innovative project is a direct response to consultation with the people of Helensburgh during the initial CHORD process.

CHORD is an ambitious and forward-looking programme to assist regeneration and economic development in five of it’s waterfront towns - Campbeltown, Helensburgh, Oban, Rothesay and Dunoon. In November 2008, the Council unanimously agreed to allocate more than £30 million to the programme, since named ‘CHORD’. 

Helensburgh is a distinctive place that carries with it a strong historically embedded identity. The area is rich in history and heritage – a place ringing with historic and cultural symbolism and deserving of a public art process that is both attentive to Helensburgh and the area’s past while also attuned to the possibilities of a creative future.
5 bronze artworks created as a tribute to John Muir, by pupils of Hermitage Academy- Sorcha Hicks, Stuart Cathro and Arran Dunbar
The Outdoor Museum takes advantage of the fact that over one hundred bollards have been placed around the town centre, Colquhoun Square. Art organisation WAVEparticle, commissioned by Argyll & Bute Council to deliver the Helensburgh CHORD public art strategy, worked closely with lead architects Austin-Smith:Lord to redesign the bollards and transform them into plinths.

The granite plinths vary in height - between 45 & 90cm - with each plinth pre-prepared so that it can display objects, images and texts of significance to the town.

The vision is to create an accessible Outdoor Museum that will explore, celebrate & display the rich and varied history of Helensburgh for local residents and visitors to the town, both now and in time to come. The project is particularly an opportunity to record the untold stories- gems of history and heritage. 

the ‘Lily’ Springs and the Comrie & Co. tradition of aerated water manufacture in Helensburgh – the bottles generously donated by archaeologist Fiona Baker who excavated them at the Bottle Dump where Waitrose is now located 

Brief Requirements
Argyll & Bute Council are now inviting a number of artists to propose new works for the Outdoor Museum. The editioning of an existing artwork is also a possibility. Artists should make clear how the proposed artwork will be relevant to Helensburgh and/or the surrounding area. Final artworks for the plinths should resonate with local residents and encourage people to positively engage with their public space. The selected artists will also have the opportunity to work closely with the local community and with art team WAVEparticle.

Commissioned artists will be expected to demonstrate:
  • Experience of successfully managing art commissions to timetable and on budget.
  • The ability to effectively engage with the local community, a range of people, where appropriate,
    in the development of the artwork for the Outdoor Museum;
  • Ability to liaise with all other parties involved in the project e.g. key partners and contractors as required, re the technical installation of the work
As the Outdoor Museum is outdoors and subject to the elements, the final form of the work will be editioned in a robust material. Whilst this may be bronze, stone or acrylic encapsulation, the editioning will be supported by skilled fabricators, and artists can present their proposal in any medium, including image and text. As budgets for production will vary significantly the artists fee will cover the artist delivering the work in a form suitable to be translated into a robust material unless otherwise agreed. On occasion an artist may propose to actually produce the work but this will have to meet the standards of artwork for public space.

The artworks will be retro-fitted onto the plinths, as the plinths are already installed as part of the CHORD programme for the town centre.

The new Outdoor Museum website, reflects the community-led nominations of themes/subject matter, which can be referenced, or artists are free to generate their own themes/subject matter. 

The Site: Colquhoun Square, Helensburgh
Artwork developed January – March 2014 
Artwork fabricated April – May 2014 
Artwork installed June 2014

Artists Fee £1,250 including all costs to deliver a final resolved form which will then be cast, etched or encapsulated. 
The production budgets will vary significantly dependant upon final medium but these are small scale art works where production /installation will be between £3-4,000
The artists fee will cover the artist delivering the work in a form suitable to be translated into a robust material unless otherwise agreed. 

Application Process
Applications will be reviewed by WAVEparticle and the project Steering Panel and shortlisted artists will be invited to interview in early January. Artists will be appointed shortly after.
The closing date for proposals is Monday 15th December

Your application should include:
  • a short statement of interest which gives a clear indication of your work practice and reasons for
    applying for the commission (maximum 2 sides A4).
  • a concise C.V.
  • documentation of previous work: photographs, CD/DVD as appropriate, in support of the
  • a brief outline of your intended approach/method for undertaking this project, noting any
    information or support you anticipate requiring in order to proceed.
  • a breakdown of the project budget, nominally split into community engagement, design and implementation and including fees, expenses and materials. Please note your VAT status.
To request the full brief contact project assistant Lauren Coleman

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